Megaman battle network (gba)

Secret Boss Navis

After beating LifeVirus, you can fight four secret Navis if you meet the requirements.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bass(Internet Area 16)Have all chips in Library excluding #127(LifeAura).
MagicMan(Internet Area 14)Simply have beaten LifeVirus,
PharoMan (Internet Area 12)Be at least at Level 70.
ShadowMan(Internet Area 15)Have at least 140/175 Chip Library

School Network Passcodes

In the School's computer network, there are several doors you'll come to that require you to input a 2-digit passcode. Here's a list of the codes for each door (for the ones marked as random, you're given hints if the number is higher or lower each time you guess wrong):

Door 1: 09
Door 2: 30
Door 3: Randomly generated
Door 4: Randomly generated
Door 5: 15
Door 6: Randomly generated
Door 7: Randomly generated (Requires Teacher's Passcode to access)

megaman battle network 2


  • Codes


    Hard ModeHighlight New Game (after getting 5 stars), press Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, then select new game, save


  • Invis effect in Thunderman battle.

    When fighting Thunderman, when one of the clouds is about to move on a pannel near you (when it's about half way on), move onto the same pannel. The game recognizes it as hit, but you don't take damage. If done right, you should have the Invis chip effect for about 1/4 of normal time. This is a useful trick for S ranking him.

    Multiplayer Chip duplication
  • Requirements:
    2 GBA/SP
    2 MMBN2 game paks.
    Link cable

    This glitch allows you to duplicate your lost chipdata in a netbattle against your oppenant, do not worry about it damaging your gamesave, I have done this hundreds of times and my gamesave has not suffered.

    You and your friend (or just you on your own, still possible to do) must go into network and compete in a real netbattle against eachother, and one must win without flaw, when the battle is over, as soon as the chip datas name is shown, the LOSER must reset his game. (A+B+Start+Select), as a result, where the winners data is saved and the losers is not, the losers chip data is not lost and the winners is still saved resulting in a duplication of the chip.

    WARNING: If the winner resets, instead of duplication you will simply DESTROY the chip, because the loser still loses and the winner doesn't save the fact it was won.

    What are the benefits to this? Well in short, imagine how easy it'll be to duplicate and share your secret chips, Bass V3s, Lifeaur3s and other rare only get one of me chip data. You can even duplicate the final chip data, Sanctuary. Of course the better the busting level, the better the chip you'll duplicate.

  • Zero HP

    Put a ZeusHammer into your folder. Go into battle and take damage on purpose till you have 200HP or less. Then kill the virus or escape. Now, find a Mole2 Virus in WWW Area 3. (This can be done with Mole1, too, but it's harder.) Attack the virus till it has 200HP or less. Then use your ZeusHammer. The Mole2 is deleted and you take 200 damage. Your HP is reduced to zero but you still win the battle. Now you can walk around the net with zero HP.

    Note: Have a healing subchip or you'll get deleted when next battle starts.

  • Unlockables

    • 5 Stars

      You can get up to 5 stars, which will help allow you to unlock Hard Mode.

      UnlockableHow to Unlock
      Blue StarComplete 31 Program Advances
      Green StarBeat the original Pharoah Man, Napalm Man, Planet Man and the real Bass in the WWW area
      Purple StarGet the other 10 secret chips in your library database (Chips 251-260)
      Red StarGet 250 chips in your library database
      Yellow StarComplete Story Mode by beating Gospel in Apartment Tower
    • Secret Boss Navis

      After you beat Gospel, secret Navis are fightable to you, if you meet the requirements.

      UnlockableHow to Unlock
      Bass SPHave all 250 chips in Chip Library except for LifeAura 3, Bass V2 & Bass V3.
      Bass(WWW Area 1)Beat Pharoahman, NapalmMan and PlanetMan.
      NapalmMan(WWW Area 2)Have all V3 Navi Chips except for Bass and PharoahMan.
      PharoahMan(WWW Area 1)Beat Gospel.
      PlanetMan(WWW Area 3)Have at least 200/250 Chip Library.
    • Secrets

      • Unlock Hubstyle

        To unlock this special style, you must defeat all V3 navis (excluding Bass) with an S-rank. Then, the next time a style change occurs, you will get Hubstyle.
        Hubstyle is a unique style that is non-elemental, and combines the benefits of every other style in the game. It will halve your max HP though.
        This style will only show up once per game, so if you skip or erase it, it will be gone for good.
        To confirm this unlockable, talk to the girl in ACDC Town behind the trees near the park. She will tell you which V3 navis you have defeated with an S-rank, and say that she sees all the available "ghosts" if you have defeated them all.

Megaman battle network 3(bothversions)


  • Codes


    Fight Omega NavisHighlight Continue, hold Left, press R, R, L, R, L, R, L, L (after getting first 5 stars)
  • Error Codes

    If you attempt to use a Program of a color your current style does not support,you will get an error and be unable to boot up MegaMan until the problem is fixed.

    You can bypass these errors once you have purchased the ModTools at Beach Street.When the error number appears,press Select and input the code to counter.

    Counter Error A1GYU2OPZQ
    Counter Error A23GKQ2RSQ
    Counter Error A3LO13ZXME
    Counter Error B1JHGIUTOP
    Counter Error B2ALSK3W2R
    Counter Error B3Y2U0MNCB
    Counter Error B41LSKUTOB
    Counter Error B5BM2KWIRA
    Counter Error B6UTI3OMDH
    Counter Error C1X2CD3KDA
    Counter Error C2UTIXM1LA
    Counter Error D2CWS1FS1AQ
    Counter Error D2GOI1UWMAN
    Counter Error D2SP3TOSIIS
    Counter Error E1P213MSJL
    Counter Error E2UTIR1SO2
    Counter Error F1QSAO3C3L
    Counter Error F2NC1FKSA2
    Counter Error F3TA2CRWQ
    Counter Error G2CTIS1LAEJ
    Counter Error G2GCVVDS2WR
    Counter Error G2STUIEO23T
    Counter Error H1A3DJMNB1
    Counter Error H2UTIW2SMF
    Counter Error H3 (AntiDmg)SK3LROT1
    Counter Error S2CTU1AW2LL
    Counter Error S2GAX1RTDS3
    Counter Error S2SF2AAFETG


  • EX Codes

    These codes can be entered after you buy the Mod Tools on Beach St. In the Navi Customizer, press select after loading your programs. This allows you to input codes. (Note: 1,2, and 3 correspond to the symbols.)

    AntiDamage / Kiwarimi MagicL3KJGUEO
    HP +100JIEU1AWT
    HP +1000CNJDU2EM
    HP +150U2IEOSKW
    HP +200ASK3IETN
    HP +250SIE1TMSD
    HP +300SEIUT1NG
    HP +350GJHURIE2
    HP +400AWE3ETSW
    HP +4503MZNBXH1
    HP +5002YTIWOAM
    HP +550O3IUTNWQ
    HP +600ZMJ1IGIE
    HP +650SRUEIT3A
    HP +800DMGEIO3W
    HP +900SM2UIROA
    NCP Float ShoesPEOTIR2G
    NCP Mega Folder1JDKGJ1U2
    NCP Shadow ShoesGKHU1KHI
    NCP ShieldEIR3BM3I
    NCP SneakRunUIEU2NGO
    NCP Super ArmorKTEIUE2D
    NCP Under ShirtSKJGURN2
    SloGauge (Same effect as chip)2BKD1UEW
  • Shrink Navi Customizer Programs

    In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight over the name of the program that you want to shrink (and has not been shrunk yet). Hold the 'Select' button, and key in the corresponding code.

    NOTE: 1,2, and 3 stand for the 3 weird characters, the first of which is 1, second is 2, and third is 3.

    HumourUp, R, A, Left, Right, Right
    MegFldr1Right, R, Down, R, L, Left
    MegFldr2A, R, Down, Down, Right, Left
    SetMetalB, R, Right, Right, L, L
    SetSandLeft, A, A, B, Up, Left
    ShdwShoesUp, Left, Right, L, Up, R
    Shrinks Airshoesup B B down A R
    Shrinks AntiDmgL, Left, R, A, Right, Down
    Shrinks Batteryright R right R L left
    Shrinks BeatA down A A R A
    Shrinks Blockdown B up down A left
    Shrinks BrakBstrR, A, B, Down, L, L
    Shrinks BrakChrB, A, Left, L, Up, B
    Shrinks BugStopB down up B down B
    Shrinks BusterMAXdown A R R L left left
    Shrinks CollectB down right R right right
    Shrinks Custom1right right right up left B
    Shrinks Custom2A down up down R down
    Shrinks DarkLcnsR, L, R, Down, Left, B, R
    Shrinks FastgaugeB down A R left R
    Shrinks FishL R down up left right
    Shrinks GigFldr1L down A down R B up
    Shrinks HubbatchB left A down down up L
    Shrinks JungleA R left B B A
    Shrinks OilBodyup right A A R up
    Shrinks ReflectB up A left left B
    Shrinks RushL A down B B B
    Shrinks Shieldleft right down R down R
    Shrinks SneakRunR L B down down down
    Shrinks TangoA down left L L R
    Shrinks Undershirtleft up B L left up
    SprArmorUp, Right, Up, R, Up, Down

  • VarSword Combo!

    When using the VarSwords, hold down the A button and enter the following quickly before the VarSword attacks and the VarSword's attack range will change to the following effect.

    Elemental Sonic WaveB, B, Left, Down, Up
    Fighter SwordLeft, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right
    LifeSwordDown, Left, Up, Right, Down
    LongSwordDown, Down-Right, Right
    Sonic BoomLeft, B, Right, B
    WideSwordUp, Right, Down
  • Passwords

    • Numberman passwords

      Numberman passwords
      In Higby's shop, you'll see Numberman who'll give you chips and other goodies if you enter the right passwords.

      Receive Airshoes Navi Customizer Block23415891
      Receive SneakRun Navi Customizer Block24586483
      Recieve AirShot3 * chip15789208
      Recieve CopyDmg * chip01697824
      Recieve FullEnrg Subchip56892168
      Recieve FullEnrg Subchip99826471
      Recieve GaiaBlde * chip33157825
      Recieve GtStrght S chip95913876
      Recieve HeroSwrd P chip03284579
      Recieve HiCannon * chip21247895
      Recieve LockEnmy Subchip87824510
      Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip57789423
      Recieve MiniEnrg Subchip(again)86508964
      Recieve Mr Famous's Wristband Key Item90690648
      Recieve Muramasa M chip50098263
      Recieve QuickGge Navi Customizser Block67918452
      Recieve Salamndr * chip65497812
      Recieve SetSand Navi Customizer Block19878934
      Recieve SneakRun Subchip24586483
      Recieve SpinBlue Key Item11002540
      Recieve SpinGrn Key Item28274283
      Recieve SpinRed Key Item72563938
      Recieve SpinWht Key Item77955025
      Recieve Spreader * chip31549798
      Recieve StpCross S chip76889120
      Recieve Thndrblt * chip54390805
      Recieve Tsunami * chip88543997
      Recieve Unlocker Subchip35331089
      Recieve Untrap Subchip05088930
      Recieve Untrap Subchip(again)46823480
      Recieve VarSword F chip63997824
      Recieve WpnLV +1 Navi Customizer Block41465278


    • 11th Chip Trick

      This trick will allow you to use the 2nd chip in your folder at any point in battle. First, you need Custom Style to fully level up, then get another Custom Style and begin leveling it up. You need enough Custom+ NaviCust programs to total Custom+5. Install said NaviCust parts. Now, in battle, load up any chip, then hover the cursor over the 10th chip and press right. The picture will show an ''11th'' chip. Now, there are two ways to go from here. If the 11th chip can normally be selected with the chip you've currently got selected, you can select it now and the chip in your first slot will become the second chip in your folder (the second chip in the list when viewing the full contents of your folder). If the 11th chip does NOT match, you can also deselect the selected chip(s) and select the 11th chip. Instead of getting the 11th chip in battle, you will get the 2nd chip in your folder! Really useful with the 2nd chip being a ProtomanV5 chip, etc.


    • Chip Duplication

      In 2-player versus, the game can be fooled into copying wagered chip data, allowing players to duplicate chips. This glitch works in both versions.

      First, start up the game and begin a Real match, in which the winner gets a chip from the loser's pack. Once the battle is over and the Battle Result screen appears, the winner must press A once to reveal the chip he just won. Once the chip is revealed, the loser must turn off his game without pressing any buttons. This will let the loser keep his otherwise lost chip while still putting it in the winner's chip pack, duplicating the chip.

      Make certain that the loser is the one to turn off his game; if the winner turns off his game, the winner will not keep the chip while the loser still loses it, destroying the chip.


    • Walk Through Navi

      In Secret Area 2, near a warp point where the Time Trial Navi is standing facing diagonally down to the left, you can go into the corner behind him. If you press down at the right spot, you should walk through him.



    • 7 Stars

      There are 7 stars you can get, which will appear next to the main title screen once you satisfy the objectives.

      UnlockableHow to Unlock
      Blue Star (4th Star)Complete your Standard Chip Library (200 Chips)
      Green Star (2nd Star)Defeat Bass GS in Secret Area 3, after defeating Dark Man, Japan Man and Serenade
      Light Blue Star (3rd Star)Beat all of Serenade's "Time Trial" times in Secret Area 1, 2 and 3.
      Orange Star (7th Star)Complete your P. A. [Program Advance] Library (32 Combos)
      Purple Star (5th Star)Complete your Mega Chip Library (85 Chips)
      Red Star (6th Star)Defeat ALL 15 Omega Navis. (Must use code to unlock Omega Navis)
      Yellow Star (1st Star)Defeat the Original Alpha.


    • Obtaining Giga-Level Battle Chips

      To obtain a good number of these battle chips, you will need to use the Omega Navis Code. The ones that need this code to be active will be marked (SP).

      UnlockableHow to Unlock
      AlphaArm Omega(SP) After defeating all Omega Navis, defeat Alpha Omega
      Bass+Defeat the Hidden Boss: Bass GS
      BeastMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BeastMan Omega
      BowlMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BowlMan Omega
      BubbleMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: BubbleMan Omega
      DarkAuraComplete the Serenade Time Trials
      DarkMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DarkMan Omega
      DeltaRayObtained through Link Battling White version (random)
      DesertMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DesertMan Omega
      DrillMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: DrillMan Omega
      FlameMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: FlameMan Omega
      FlashMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: FlashMan Omega
      FolderBackPurchased for 200 BugFrags from a hidden shop in UnderNet 2
      GutsMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: GutsMan Omega
      KingMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: KingMan Omega
      MetalMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: MetalMan Omega
      MistMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: MistMan Omega
      PlantMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: PlantMan Omega
      ProtoMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: ProtoMan Omega
      YamatoMan V5(SP) Defeat the Hidden Boss: YamatoMan Omega
  • Secret Boss:Serenade

    To Unlock the Secret Boss of the Secret Area Net, You need to gather all 200 standard chips. Then the Door of Honor will open, and you will be allowed to fight Serenade.


  • Secret Bosses

    After you beat Alpha, secret bosses will be available to you.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alpha Omega(WWW Island)Have all seven stars.
    Bass GS(Secret Area 3)Beat Serenade, put 300 Bugfrags into Bugfrag Trader, leave Secret Area and return to BF Trader.
    DarkMan(Secret Area 1, V3 in Undernet 6)Have at least 140/200 in Standard Chip Library.
    JapanMan(Secret Area 2, V3 in samurai armor)Have at least one Giga Chip,
    Serenade(Secret Area 3)Have 200/200 Library.


  • Secrets

    • 300,000 Zenny

      After obtaining all three Tomes in the "Legendary Tomes" job, don't head back to the Ghost Navi just yet. Instead, go to the strange-looking statue in the teacher's lounge at ACDC school. Examine the statue to find 300,000 Zenny

    • Secret Boss: Bass

      After you complete the Secret Area by defeating Serenade, use the 10-bug bug Trader 30 times, trading in a total of 300 bugs. Then leave the secret area, (leave the internet and go back in). When your return to the Bug Trader, Bass will appear, fused with Gospel, and attack you. If you defeat him, you will get the Bass chip

    Megaman battle network 4 (gba both versions)

    Secret VarSword codes

    Once you get the VarSword chip you can use "secret swords attacks" in every battle you want . When you are in a battle select the VarSword chip , press and hold A and enter this codes quick.

    Down,Down-Right,RightLong Sword attack
    Left,B,Right and BSonic Slash Attack
    Down,Left,Up,Right and DownLife Sword Attack
    Left,Left-Down,Down,Down-Right and RightHero Sword Attack
    Up,Up-Right,Right,Right-Down and DownWide Sword attack

    NeoVariableSword codes

    1.Select a NeoVariableSword in the custom menu
    2.Press "OK"
    3.Hold "A" when that chip appears and quickly input one of the codes below:

    Down, Right, UpCross Sword
    Up, B, Down, B, Up, BDouble LifeSwords
    Left, Right, Left, BPiercing Sonic Slash


    CruxisBLADE's walkthrough

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