Rules: Please read!!!

Site Rules: 

1. NO Spaming/trolling.

2. Play nice little kittys. Bad and Inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated under any cirumstances. Any inappropriate material will be deleted and  the poster will be given a warning.

3.Role playing megaman IS allowed on the condiction that when Role playing megaman you only role play a single series or saga at a time.

4. You get 3 warnings before having your account terminated. Breaking any of the rules above will be counted as a warning.

 Have fun!!

Tournament Rules:This goes for every tournament no matter where or whos hosting.

1. NO CHEATING AT ALL!!!! That means NO action replays, Ecard readers, Gamesharks, ect. If you play you play Fair!!! As far as using the gameboy slot on ds and ds lites go. they are not to be used on opponents who have DSis or Dsi XLs. If your opponet has the GBA slot and uses it then so can you.

2. You MUST contact the host or cordinator of the tournament you are going to so that they can mark you down. They will need your Name, Age, Location, List of Megaman games you have or have played within the last year, and What game(s) you are entering in the tournament. You need to let them Know you are attending or you will not be able 2 play. You also MUST be there ON TIME or you will be disqualifyed.

3.All Megaman TournMENTS IS NOT liable if your game gets broken, or stolen, or lost durring a tournament.

4. SPORTSMANSHIP!!! No one likes a soar losser. It ruins everyones fun. But no one likes a gloater either.

If you wish to host your own tournament and become a host please contact me.

Thats it. Happy battling everyone and Have fun!!!!